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UICACHE(1) General Commands Manual UICACHE(1)

uicacheUpdate registered applications

uicache [-afhlr] [-i id] [-p path] [-u path]

Update iOS registered applications and optionally restart SpringBoard.

, --all
Rebuild the entire cache. This replicates the old uicache behavior
, --force
Forces all applications to be reregistered when used with -a rather than just the changes. This option will make -a significantly slower. When used with -p or -u, uicache will operate on apps installed from the App Store.
, --help
Prints a help text
, --respring
Restarts SpringBoard and backboard after all other actions
, --list
Lists the bundle ID and path for each registered application
, --info bundleid
Shows information about the application with the specified bundle ID
, --unregister path
Unregisters an application bundle, using the specified path , from the cache
, --path path
Registers or updates an application bundle, at the specified path , to the cache

To refresh all applications

uicache -a

To register Sileo

uicache -p /Applications/

To show information about the Settings app

uicache -i

sbreload(1), uiopen(1)

The uicache utility first appeared in uikittools on September 14, 2008, written by Jay Freeman. Later, it was reimplemented by CoolStar for the Chimera jailbreak on April 30, 2019. The -l and -i flags were added to uikittools-ng on April 4, 2021, by Cameron Katri.

The uicache utility does not work on any applications that were installed from the App Store. There is a check to prevent any modifications to them which will be overwritten by -f.

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